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A revolutionary broadcast seat, providing a better perspective for outside broadcasting of all types.


What makes the Camseat so special?

The Camseat unique design will interest Stadium Managers and OB Companies. Stadiums that fit the Camseat will be able to sell more spectator seats at optimum prices as well as giving television spectators the best possible view. OB Companies will also have the flexibility to create better pictures. The Camseat range is designed to accommodate almost every situation, be it fixed in a stadium, scaffold, tower mounted, or OB and studio type situations.

The Camseat range was designed by Engineer Wayne Morgan, and are all manufactured by Pembrokeshire Engineering. Wayne Morgan (now retired) was Managing Director of both Camseat Ltd and Pembrokeshire Engineering.

“I designed the original Camseat 180-F in 1999 to meet the needs of broadcasters who were to send pictures around the globe for the world’s third largest sporting event. Since its launch at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, the Camseat has made an impact on broadcasters and stadium managers alike. Whether for football in England, rugby in Wales and Scotland, hurling in Ireland, the Camseat range has been used to produce the best possible camera angles with the minimum impact on the sporting spectators. I extended the range to meet the needs of companies who need to provide the widest range of angles at all sporting events, particularly for interactive television’


Where can the Camseat be used?

You can fit the Camseat into a new or existing stadium, use the Camseat 180 in the stands for brilliant shots of play and the 360 at ground level, providing a low-level perspective whether on a pitch, tennis court or other sporting environment. The galvanised or aluminium construction and sealed bearing on all units ensure that they will survive exposure to the elements and require minimum maintenance. With fold-down plastic seat and aircraft technology foot grip system as standard, all units are totally weatherproof.


The Range

180 Fixed to suit specific requirements; 180 and 360 Portable. Protective buffers for the portable units are available as an extra.


The Broadcasters View

“The Camseat range is all based on an innovative design in camera mounting. Comfortable, flexible and sturdy, they are by far the best mounts of their kind that I have used over my twenty years in the industry.”

“ From a camera operator’s point of view, the Camseat is a professional piece of equipment that allows us to produce the best shots possible. With a number of cameras sited at various levels throughout the stands, the viewers at home can also experience the full match atmosphere. The operator’s seat rotates, on bearings around the fixed post, which has friction control to suit individual requirements. The bases of all the Camseat range have a textured, aircraft technology foot grip system allowing the operator to move around easily and smoothly. The seat can be moved forwards or backwards in a matter of seconds to allow for ‘off shot’ adjustments if required.” Joss Lowe – Award winning cameraman and camera supervisor.


Camseat Range

The Camseat range is designed to accommodate almost every situation, be it fixed in a stadium, scaffold, tower mounted, or OB and studio type situations.

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