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Camseat 180-F

The Camseat 180-F is designed so that is takes up the space of only five spectator seats, sitting low in the stands, so that spectators behind and to the side of the camera operator have a clear line of vision. The traditional camera operator with tripod can affect the view of up to 42 people.

The advantage of this system is that the movement of the camera is unaffected by the operator’s seat movement offering total flexibility of operation through 180 degrees.

To match with other needs in the stadium, the Camseat can be fixed with the exact type of seat as those in the stand. With only three basic pieces, each unit is easy to assemble and needs only four fixings to provide a permanent fixture. We can arrange to fit the seat for you or send clear instructions for it to be fitted by your own contractors. The seat can be removed easily and the original seating replaced when the camera position is not needed.

  • Maximum height of head plate: 850mm, (33.5")

  • Minimum height of head plate: 585mm, (23")

  • Height Adjustment Range: 250mm (10”), 150mm (6”) is calibrated. (more adjustment is possible)

  • Width as standard: 1.120m, (44")

  • Depth as standard: 570mm, (22.5")

  • Weight unladen (Aluminium): 40kgs, (88lbs)

  • Load capacity: 300kgs, (660lbs)

  • Anti skid surface: Standard

  • Bearing Loadings: Dynamic 71720 N/, Static 46200 N

  • Available with or without a foot plate as shown in the photo.

Camseat Range

The Camseat range is designed to accommodate almost every situation, be it fixed in a stadium, scaffold, tower mounted, or OB and studio type situations.

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